Knights of St. Andrew

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The Valley of Wilmington 2016 KSA Officers On November 18, 2016; The Valley of Wilmington Chapter of the KSA held a meeting to elect and install the 2016 officers.  The new officers are: First Knight :  Rick Paxton, 32°, KSA

Secretary/Treasurer:  Jim Brandt, 32°, KSA, PFK

Senior Warden:  Wayne Swicegood, 32°, KSA

Junior Warden:  Scott Nims, 32°, KSA

Senior Deacon:  Grant Lewis, 32°, KSA

Junior Deacon:  Chris Germaine, 32°, KSA


Sentinel:  Phil Rhodes, 32°, KSA

Marshal:  Ben Nuesmeyer, 32°, KSA


Interested in becoming part of the Knights of St. Andrew:

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If you would like to know more about the Knights of St. Andrew, use the email link or form below to contact:


 First Knight Rick Paxton, 32º, KSA



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