A/V System Upgrades

A/V Upgrades, Phase One


The Scottish Rite Temple Bodies were formed over 100 years ago.  At that time they purchased the scenic elements they needed to perform the degrees of the Scottish Rite initiations, including hand painted backdrops and theater lighting from Kleigl Brothers. This equipment is still in use to this day and over the years additional items were added as needed.  When the Temple was relocated into its current building they needed Front Of House lights and bought Altman lights controlled by a Leprecon console and dimmers.  They also installed a better PA system.  A few years ago we realized that while the older equipment was holding up for our needs, the newer gear wasn’t up to par for what was needed by our degree teams and renters.  After a fundraising drive we were able to bid out and install Phase 1 of an upgrade path for the A/V systems of the entire Temple.  Phase 1 included replacing the auditorium sound mixer with a digital Midas M32 and a 16 channel stage box, a new Vue PA speaker hang with left, right and center channels as well as powered subwoofers, additional amplifiers, Shure wireless microphones and an ADA assisted listening system, we also installed a Panasonic projector.  In the library we added a Sharp 55″ TV and we relocated the Allen and Heath analog audio mixer from the auditorium feeding 24 in-ceiling speakers.  We want to thank the install team from World of Sound Audio Visions in Wilmington for their extensive efforts and patience during this process.


We are still finishing a CCTV video feed from a camera at Front of House to monitors back stage.  Phase 2 will be geared toward replacing the Front of House lights and adding DMX controls.